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About Darelle

Darelle is a player at MineRealm, who first joined in november 2011. Darelle is a southern girl that lives next to the end of this world. At this remote place she plays music selected from her 20'ish DC's of disks.


Darelle has a serious relationship with potatoes. She owns what is probably definitly MineRealms largest potato farm.

Owner of MineRealms first Creeper Head

The 22 of March 2015 Darelle became the owner of the first Creeper Head on MineRealm, after weeks of hard work she finally got this reward for her efforts. The head is to be seen at spawn.


She is a member of the awesome guild; Aequitas. Earlier she was a member of the guild RisingDestiny, which she also was one of the founders of.