Survival 1.0

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MineRealm Survival 1.0

Minerealm survival 1.0 is considered the first true Minerealm map, and as such, it is normally refered to as the true start of Minerealm. In Minerealm 1.0, two factions existed, one called the Red Faction, which was normally referred to as a group of griefers, and the Blue Faction, making up much of the rest of the playerbase (Need information on Red/Blue Factions)Few cities were in Minerealm at that point, and they usually were either on the Red or Blue Factions side.

Blue Faction

The Blue faction made up the most of the server at that time, and those who werent with the blue or red factions were neutral to both. Not much can be recalled about the Blue Faction, but notable cities that were part of the faction were: The Citadel Skycity

Red Faction

The Red Faction was normally known as a group of greifers who attacked Blue Faction cities. By the middle of 1.0's life, many of the Red Faction were banned.