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"...Many players believe the name “MineRealm” originates from the idea of realms. In actuality, the name refers to the more literal sense of the entire server map being a “realm” itself."[1]


MineRealm has three officials servers: the Survival server, the Creative server, and the Party server. The Survival server was created with the goal of being a vanilla SMP server, with very few to no modifications to gameplay. The Creative server is the second MineRealm server. It was built with the goal of giving the players a very unique and easy way to create art, therefore on this server players have an unlimited amount of blocks in every type (including leaves and sponge) in each player's inventory, and health is disabled. The Party server is a server sometimes hosted by Intelli, and is usually used to host different types of games, although only one has been created as of Jun 1st, 2011, and Apocalypse Server, a server where during the day the world is on fire and at night a increased amount of mobs. The Apocalypse server has since then been disbanded due to low numbers of players.


On October 28th, 2010, 3 days before the Minecraft Halloween update, MineRealm was officially released to the public on the Minecraft Forums running Minecraft Alpha 1.1.2_01. MineRealm was advertised as a legit vanilla SMP server, and therefore only featured the default commands and features of the Minecraft Alpha servers.[2] The server, which was referred to simply as the MineRealm server, was hosted on game.minerealm.com. During the time of it's release SMP was just starting to be developed, therefore the server lacked health damage as well as many other features that Minecraft Beta SMP has today. On October 30th the server was updated with the Hey0 Server Mod, otherwise known as hMod, to help keep organization.[2] Additionally, Diamond blocks, water buckets, and lava buckets were disabled. The next day....

MineRealm 2.0

This category invludes all the versions of minerealm prior to the release of the realms system. This includes the very first map, all the way through to the end of the Kurachi era. + Minerealm 2.0 Minerealm 2.0 was a major update that included the realm update. This version of minerealm is still in use today.

MineRealm 3.0

This update brought a major change to the way MineRealm worked. This major update brought realm Credits and changed realms over to Plots. Realm credits can be earned by breaking and placing blocks. Many regarded this as a change for the better, encouraging people to merge their cities. However, cities from 2.0 quickly re-emerged and people began to reconsider the change. Today, people generally prefer this system to 2.0, but most of the long time players (Pre-2.0) think that minerealm should go back to a no realm system. (Plots are currently former realms)

MineRealm 4.0

This is the current version of MineRealm. Today's system is not so different from 3.0. Though, the most important feature added in 4.0 is a new map seed to account for Minecraft 1.0's new terrain generator, end portals, apples, mellon seeds, blaze spawners, and new nether structures. All public land in the overworld, and the entire nether was wiped along with the 4.0 update. The map hasn't been wiped since Minecraft beta 1.6. As of the 4.0 update, the server also runs on an SSD server. This may reduce lag issues that were present in 3.0. Another part of 4 is a new chat format, and a new spawn

A detailed history of all updates can be found here.


The first official radio for minerealm had been in the making for a long time, and once announced took quite a while to release. This radio, now named BriskFM was previously known as 'Music Story Radio'.<br\> <br\> This old radio can be accessed by clicking here

Due to BriskFM's inactivity, MineRealm's music sharing has taken place on the site plug.dj.<br\> Minerealm's channel can be found here. [3]