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This page is preserved for historical purposes only. The information here is out of date, there should be links to more recent information if applicable.


Foxtopia is a realm that is traditionally in the deep south of the map, right next to the ocean(s) and using a centralized mountain as the base of the city. Foxington is the capitol of the province, and usually appears on every map in some form or another.

Foxtopia currently houses the three commerce centers at spawn. The first one is the bank center, located West of spawn, straight forward out of the falls. You can see awesome things like the bank, as well as the pawn shop, and goods store. To the North of spawn, heading right as you leave the waterfall, you can find the Embassy, and Foxstroms, the department store. Basic facts and figures of the realm will soon be found there, as well as various offices for the realm heads. You can also enjoy a department store setting as you shop, if the owners are online to serve your needs.

In the capitol city, Foxington, developments on the main castle are ongoing as Terrance Jones hollows out the great mountain that was discovered on founding day. Soon, many people will be able to host apartments or offices, as well as city centers, government offices, parks, and relaxation lounges. Also, there will be plenty of land to build houses as digging out the mountain yields realm credits.

As the neighboring region to the southeast is owned by a fellow realm player and nether sharer, We strive to not build in those directions, claiming the immediate plots that touch the mountain, and no further south, or east as the ocean.


Terrancejones and Notreiayanami started Foxtopia in 2.0

As they progressed Foxtopia into 3.0 they increased their member list.

Adding texas_hitman, dacadac, hshizzlefresh, wachoba, mtndewzane, cidkid, McfattyXXXL and more that are less active.

The history of 3.0 started with Terrancejones and building the Foxtopia castle it is now public land and deserted for the most part. Sad to see Foxtopia die with the main leaders, but their spirit lives on with their teachings. Without terrancejones and notreiayanami to recruit members like texas_hitman, then events wouldn't have gone as they did.

Events that have occured include the expansion of The Foxtopian Business Section, and gained enemies of sorts along the way.

These enemies included Celestis, Nova, and Terra Nova.

Celestis under leadership of Cogohst had members who would argue with Foxtopian members. Nova had the competing store as Foxtopia had Foxtops. As the status of Foxtopia rose so did the amount of people who didn't agree with them.

This had rose until a war was declared between Terra Nova and Foxtopia. This occurred shortly after 3.3.

The rules had been received and agreed upon by Kress91 leader of Terra Nova and Mtndewzane leader of Foxtopia. Terms were met and the War had begun. This war could have gone in the record books as the shortest war, because in the following days Mtndewzane was banned and the leader of Foxtopia had fallen from his high stature. After the ban of mtndewzane Terra Nova basically took the War as over and so did the Foxtopians.

Yet Mtndewzane was banned Foxtopia lived until declared decease, but not ultimately forgot. This had meant that Foxtopia had been buried and all of its enemies put to check along with anybody who felt them as a greedy realm.

Just don't forget about Foxtopia I would assume to see it resurrected not today, not tomorrow, but maybe just maybe in the coming days of Minerealm.

Active Members

Not yet added


Leaders included Terrancejones and Notreiayanami as the main leaders.

After their leave of absence Mtndewzane took over along with Texas_hitman as a commanding force. Together they extended Foxtopia and Foxtops to great status.


Foxtopia disbanded during Minerealm 3.0, and the members later formed Trinity.