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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Connect?

Open Minecraft, Click Multiplayer, Click "Add Server", Name the server whatever you wish, under address put: www.game.minerealm.com

Where is a public realm?

To find a public realm, just walk in a straight direction out of spawn.

Can I have OP?

No. This is a legit server, not even the staff members have OP. Server Reviewers will also not get any type of moderator powers.

How do I earn Credits?

You earn 0.5 credits per block placed or removed.

How do I buy Land/Realm?

Once you have acquired 10,000 credits, you may purchase any public plot of land for 10,000 credits with the command /realm purchase.

Why Can't I Build?

You can't build because you are probably situated in a private realm. Private realms are purchased by other players for 10,000 credits or more. The owner can build there and give permission to other players. Chances are they're not going to let just anybody have permissions. Keep walking or take the public teleporter at Spawn. The teleporter takes you to a random public spot in the world.

Can I Build with Someone?

That is totally up to a generous player to decide. It also helps if you are somewhat near them. Spamming does not help.

Is there PvP?

There is on the Survival Server but only in The Nether and The End. You can personally enable PvP for yourself via the command /pvp.

Are there mobs on this server?

There are mobs on survival. Many players have killed off all the ones near spawn. The farther you get from spawn, more likely you are to see them.

What are Realms?

Realms are areas of land that are owned/controlled by leaders and members of the realm. Realms are only in the survival server.
For most information on realms visit Minerealm Forums: Getting Started With Realms.
The Realm system was changed as of the 3.0 update, some information may be out of date

Can a Mod teleport me?

No, mods do not give out teleports. Mods are there to assist you with troubles, not joy rides.

Does The Nether Work?

Yes, The Nether is accessible via nether portals in the same way as Notch's server software or most Bukkit servers. PvP is always toggled in The Nether on the Survival Server. The Nether also does not allow you to use /home or /spawn while in it. You have been warned.

Does The End work?

Yes. The End does work, but you are not able to leave it unless you die from some various reason. As such, you are not able to bring out End Stone.