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The following rules apply to all Minerealm servers, including the Survival Server, the Creative Server, and the Party Server. Some of the rules may apply to the Minecraft Forums as well.

Official Rules

These are the official rules as proclaimed by Intelli.


  1. Do not disturb other people's stuff.
  2. Please place a sign on your property, to claim the area.
  3. Do not build on land that has been claimed, or that you don't have permission to build on.
  4. Griefing, Hacking, Exploits, Glitching, or Cheating is bannable. Don't try, our system will automatically detect it.
  5. Please respect Admins, Mods, and all other Players.
  6. Do NOT ask for spawned items, or OP (Operator). This is a legit server.
  7. Swearing, racist remarks, or any comments intended to enrage other players are not allowed and can be bannable.
  8. If you have any questions please ask a staff. Staff members are indicated by [Staff]
  9. Have fun!

Unofficial Rules

This section may not fully apply to the MineRealm 4.0 survival server due to it being written before the existence of MineRealm survival 3.0.

These rules have been established by MineRealm administrators but not confirmed by the head admin, Intelli.
As posted by Panthers17nfl on the MineRealm Forums on April 22, 2011, the unofficial rules are as follows.

Player Vs. Player (Survival)

Proximity of Spawn

Spawn camping is the act of remaining within the proximity of /spawn and blocking / standing guard by an area directly outside of spawn and killing anyone that comes near. This is against server rules, and will result in a ban with sufficient evidence.


The repeated killing and following of a player can be considered harassment only in a few scenarios. If a moderator or admin tells the player to stop killing that player, then afterwards it is considered harassment and bannable. If the stalking persists for over an hour, it is also considered over-the-top stalking and bannable.

Indirect PvP

It is quite possible to cause the death of a player without actually attacking them. Pushing players so that they end up in harms way at spawn (into a lava pit, manhole to bedrock, hungry spider, etc), it is a rule infraction. Should the event occur within spawn, it is a rule infraction, as PvP is not enabled in spawn, and Indirect PvP is still PvP. Items must be returned to the slain player. Obviously, proof is required for any action to occur.

Stealing (Survival)


Stealing of goods in chests is always a rule infraction. The old way of saying it was "Stealing is illegal only if you get caught", but that is the way it is with everything then, isn't it? Anyways, stealing from chests is always against the rules unless you are in The Nether.

Dropped Items

Should a player meet his death and another player loots his items, this is not a rule infraction. Should a player accidentally drop items and another player loots those, this is also not a rule infraction. As you can see, mistakes on the player's parts do not result in rule infractions. MineRealm will not baby you and protect your belongings for you.

Interruption of Trade

Should a player interrupt two other players trading by stealing the items, this is in fact a rule infraction. The reason the response differs here than in the previous rule is because this is classified as true stealing

Breaking In

Breaking blocks in order to reach a chest is itself classified as Griefing as well as attempted Stealing, and so very easily bannable.

Trading (Survival)

At Spawn

Trading at spawn is not a protected action and your items are not guaranteed safe exchange. However, an intentional interruption of trade appears very poorly on that player's "record".

In-Game Chat

Swearing & Inappropriateness

Swearing in-game will usually result in warning from moderators. Continuing to swear, swearing excessively, and/or using vulgarities will very quickly result in a ban. We do not tolerate any foul language on this server, even if it isn't directed at players. The reason for this is that we appreciate a wide range of player ages and wish to respect the eyes of said players. It is a mature environment we try to create here.


Spamming, by this definition, does not mean: Sending a ton of messages. It means: sending a ton of incoherent or stupid messages. This will get you banned in an instant.

Asking Questions

Should a player ask for help, perhaps a chat command he cannot find, or for what time of day it is, they will obviously receive a polite answer. What is obnoxious is players asking in-game for some sort of mod or plugin, continually asking for the attention of a mod or admin, etc. This can be bannable after you are told to quiet.

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In-Game Behavior


Griefing can be identified as: Destroying blocks that do not belong to that player, removing / adding torches that do not belong to that player, destroying crops, or placing blocks on property that isn't theirs. This is always bannable.


Hacking of any kind is always bannable. A hack can be classified as any modification that gives you an advantage over other players, such as altering movement speed or direction, the ability to ignore in-game physics, block-breaking speed, ability to spawn items, duping items, and X-Ray (transparent) texture packs.

Offensive Skins

There are many skins that can be considered an infraction of the rules. You will be warned and asked to change your skin. Failure to do so will lead to kicks and/ or a ban. Examples of skins that are rule infractions: Hitler, completely naked, anything Nazi related, etc. Offensive skins are judged by Moderator discretion.

Ban Special Conditions

Reasonable Cause

There are certain instances where there may be little to no proof to support a ban case, but Reasonable Cause is provided. An example would be that a player left a sign saying "I'm so pro" and next to the sign is a tunnel straight down in to a mob spawner. This will lead to a ban, as the chances of finding a dungeon by digging straight down on the first attempt is very slim. An appeal to this ban will be difficult.

Guilt By Assocation

This special condition acknowledges that should players be at the scene of an incident that resulted in a ban, they are presumed to be suspects. In an example that occured awhile ago: Spawn is spammed with furnaces. A player is not doing anything harmful at the moment, but is seen with two stacks of furnaces at spawn. This can lead to a swift ban, as the two stacks of furnaces compliment the spammed furnaces.

In another example: A player is griefing spawn by removing torches. Another player is not doing anything but is following him and filming him performing the action. This can be considered Guilt By Association, as it is likely that the follower is recording the griefing for their own pleasure. However, do not let this discourage you from filming griefing as means of obtaining proof. If the video provides the proof, it will lead to the filmed player's ban. That's way more clever than I was expeticng. Thanks!


Literal Harassment

Harassment can be identified as the repeated verbal assault of another player, be it in game or on the forums. This is different from trolling in that it is personal and often malicious. Harassment, based on the severity of it, can lead to a ban. Players will be warned to stop, but don't be surprised when they receive a ban.


Trolling can be identified as speaking in a way that attempts to lure out a response, usually of hostility or disgust. Trolling can be performed simply by calling other players dumb, placing signs that laugh at players, etc. Alternatively, trolling can imply joking in a way that attempts to lure out a response of surprise, such as when one player shouts "OMG, SANDBEAST!" Sand Beasts are not active on the server, and so this would be trolling.

Trolling is usually not bannable, as it takes a less serious tone, or one that isn't personal. Even if it is directed at one player, trolling is mostly composed of harmless statements that are simply attempting to get the player mad.