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Creative Spawn
The spawn area on the Creative server

The Minerealm Creative server, previously known as MineRealm classic[1], is the second of the three SMP servers which MineRealm owns.


The Minerealm creative server is similar to Minecraft Classic by the fact that players can instantly destroy blocks with a single mouse click, blocks do not drop items, and an infinite amount of most placeable items are stored in each player's inventory. Players can craft items using the 2x2 crafting grid within their inventories, but the only object created by such which is actually implacable is the crafting table, although it cannot be interacted with.

These features are constructed by MineRealm's development team, which currently only consists of the owner, Intelli.


The first Creative server was established on March 29, 2011, and was more formally known as MineRealm classic. The main goal of creating this server was to provide players with an alternate server to Survival which main purpose was for building. Therefore, the server had mobs, pvp, health damage, fire spread, and TNT disabled. Later on, fire was also disabled. Another feature was the ability to “repair” tools by throwing them on the ground then picking them up again. This used to be a server bug with Minecraft that Intelli decided to keep for MineRealm classic. The establishment of the Creative server also introduced the new cross-server chat feature, which is still used today to connect the Survival server’s chat with Creative 2.0‘s chat.

Creative 2.0

Creative 2.0, the second installment of the Creative server, was released on March 29, 2011. With the new server upgrade, a new map, along with the new features, was added to the server.

-There is a plugin that allows "flying" using your sneak button. If you try it you will figure it out pretty quickly. In order to disable flying and re-enable sneaking, simply type /fly

Creative 3.0

Creative 3.0 was released on March 29, 2012, with a new feature, "Worlds". Worlds work in a simular way as Realms do on the survival server. They enable you to have a place where just you and your friends can build, without worrying about being disturbed by other players. Additionally, worlds give you the ability to use WorldEdit.