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This page is preserved for historical purposes only. The information here is out of date, there should be links to more recent information if applicable.

Inactive Server

This page describes a server that is currently inactive. It is unknown at this time if the server will be available again.

Apocalypse Server was a server that started August 8th, 2011[1]. The server, commonly known as Apoc, was a server where during the day the world sets ablaze and at night a larger amount of mobs. Your mission was to quickly gather important supplies and take to the underground. During the day the fire would slowly burn through the ground and burned and destroyed any blocks above the surface. Lava spured from the ground like mini volcanoes, fire that spreaded on the ground as if everything is flammable.<br\> UPDATE: This server was discontinued on August 22nd, 2011.


During the day, everything that wasnt under any kind of shade would be let on fire, and the fire would stay around until night time, or until water was put onto the block. The fire would eventually burn through the ground, destorying blocks above the surface. Lava would also come out of the ground like mini-volcanoes. The players mission was to quickly gather important supplies and take to the underground. Players eventually made an indoor tree farm to help new players get ready for whatever they would do next.


The server did not last very long, only 2 weeks, and eventually was shut down by Intelli due of the low amount of players. It was officially shut down on August 22nd, 2011[2].