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Sub Aurora is a build in progress by the former members of Abyssus

Sub Aurora from within


Sub Aurora is essentially a large hole in the ground, with a difference. The architects have spent months carefully designing a city to be built within it. However progress continues at am extremely unstable rate, with many players returning every few months or weeks to get something done. All the members of Sub Aurora are previous members of Abyssus.


Sub Aurora began as a side project of the members of Abyssus, but quickly became their primary focus on Minerealm. It was originally a city of Silverlight, a relatively wealthy private guild ranked around 20th overall at the height of its era. As many silverlight members moved away from Minerealm, the project was picked up and continued by ex-members of Silverlight who joined Ardania.



Donors and Helpers

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  • Sub Aurora has been precisely planned out, and is the fruits of many weeks planning, gathering and building.
  • It is comprised of 25 realms in a 5x5 pattern.

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