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Help bot is a friendly bot that interacts in the public player chat and bans players for hacking or swearing, implemented in a 3.0 update. When a question is asked, Help Bot often answers by recognizing certain keywords. Help bot is programmed with all crafting recipes and a few specifics to the MineRealm server. The purpose of help bot is to free up the burden on experienced players in answering new player's questions. Additionally, Help Bot responds, specifying who the response is directed to, but also doing so in the public chat for all to see, instead of in a private message. This prevents the same question being asked twice. Help bot can key in on profanity, giving a warning on the first offense, and banning the player on the second. Speed hacks, fly hacks, and x-ray hacks are also handled by help bot. Before Help Bot, it was the mod's and admin's duty to ban hackers.

Occasionally, Help Bot will make mistakes, recognizing profanity in non-offensive words such as "manus" (this has been fixed in 4.0 update). Sometimes, a player will fall through the world and into the void due to lag. This activates help bot's fly hack recognition and help bot may ban or kick the player.

"Help Bot" is in green type when seen on chat. It is not a mobile player, but rather a server-run program.

Sadly, with the start of 4.2.0, Help Bot was replaced by "Server"